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Back Pressure Regulator (077 Series)-Drastar

077 Series is the back-pressure type regulator suitable for water, chemical, liquid, gas, etc. and uses NPT 1/4″pipe exclusively. Regulator body is made of brass or stainless steel 316L and has the wide range of working pressure of 0.2 ~ 25 bar (362psi) by model. DRASTAR regulators are designed and manufactured for easier operation by equipping with the DRASTAR’s own developed
push and lock type handle which completely prevents the self-change of pre-set value which can be caused by the vibration from outside or minute vibration at the gas pipeline. You can prevent the self-changing of pre-set value just by pushing the handle and reset the value freely by drawing the handle. DRASTAR has created and applied patent for this push and lock system for DRASTAR regulators (patent number 10-1086199).


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Back Pressure Regulator (077 Series) Catalogue

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