Backpressure Regulators (44-2900 Series)-Tescom
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Backpressure Regulators (44-5500 Series)-Tescom
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Backpressure Regulators (44-4700 Series)-Tescom

TESCOM 44-4700 Series is an extremely sensitive, high purity, backpressure regulator for specialty, flammable and industrial gases for low pressure, and sub-atmospheric pressure control. Diffusion-resistant metal diaphragm seal ensures gas purity and leak integrity.
• Analytical systems
• Sample systems
• Pilot plants
Features and Benefits
• 316 Stainless Steel diaphragm provides metal-tometal sealing integrity and good sensitivity
• Large sensing seat area ratio provides a low crack-to-reseat pressure differential
and excellent repeatability
• Negative spring bias for vacuum systems
• Adjustable stop limits maximum outlet pressure
• NACE compliant designs are available


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Backpressure Regulators (44-4700 Series) Catalogue

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