Backpressure Regulators (54-2100 Series)-Tescom
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Backpressure Regulators (54-2700 Series)-Tescom
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Backpressure Regulators (54-2300 Series)-Tescom

TESCOM 54-2300 Series backpressure hydraulic regulator is capable of flows from 5-50 GPM and is available in air load for use with the TESCOM ER5000 Electropneumatic Controller.
• Hydraulic test stands
• Process control
Features and Benefits
• Wear rings available for non-lubricating media
• Control pressure up to 10,000 psig / 690 bar
• Flow Capacity Cv = 1.6
• Excellent crack-to-reseat ratio
• Hardened metal-to-metal seats for heavy duty service
• Choice of spring, dome and air actuated loading
• Standard side mounting holes


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Backpressure Regulators (54-2300 Series) Catalogue

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