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The LG-1 is an ultra-miniature pressure regulator that has many of the same features found in the time-tested design of the CPR-1 & PR-1 Series pressure regulators. Designed for surface, panel or manifold mounting, the LG-1 offers the utmost in versatility to the systems designer. It’s low internal volume of less than 2.7cc makes the LG-1 the perfect choice for systems that require rapid purge cycles. Standard features permit using this regulator in a wide variety of services, including corrosive fluids. The LG-1 can be tailored to virtually any application by utilizing the optional features. All of this is attainable while achieving as low as 0.2% accuracy during supply pressure fluctuations. This  regulator is designed to allow the construction of compact and sophisticated analytical instrumentation where the optimum in pressure control is required and space is at a premium.


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