Pressure Reducing Regulators (44-5200F Series)-Tescom
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Pressure Reducing Regulators (line Pressure Reducer 6.0)-Tescom

TESCOM line Pressure Reducers (Purity 6.0) are based on the reliable and precise 44-2200 and 44-3200 Series. These units are supplied with compression fittings and a pressure gauge for the outlet pressure.

• line pressure control
• Second stage regulator in gas supply lines

Features and Benefits
• Pre-assembled with gauge, compression fittings included
• Increased safety and reliability due to metal-to-metal seal with Stainless Steel diaphragm
• High flow capacity with excellent control capabilities at D45002
• optional presetting of outlet pressure
• Suitable for panel installation


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Pressure Reducing Regulators (line Pressure Reducer 6.0) Catalogue

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