Pressure Reducing Regulators (Regulus 4) Catalogue
Pressure Reducing Regulators (Regulus 4)-Tescom
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Diaphragm-type High Pressure Regulator (PR-50 Series) Catalogue
Diaphragm-type High Pressure Regulator (PR-50 Series)-GO Regulator
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Pressure Reducing Regulators (SG3 Series) Catalogue

Pressure Reducing Regulators (SG3 Series)-Tescom

TESCOM SG3 Series is a compact, lightweight, high purity single-stage regulator for specialty, flammable and industrial gas flows of 5-200 SCFM / 141-5600 SLPM. Sensitive, extra long-life metal diaphragm ensures gas purity and integrity. Exceptionally low decaying inlet characteristic provides a stable outlet pressure as inlet pressure varies. User-friendly model number enables the specifier to select optional gauges, relief and shut-off valves and cylinder connections as part of the regulator assembly.
• Laboratory and Point-of-Use Gas Systems in medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and other high purity applications
• High flow, high purity air (CDA and APR) in semiconductor and biotech facilities
Features and Benefits
• Optional neoprene diaphragm provides exceptional sensitivity for precise pressure control
• Cartridge valve design incorporates 10 micron filter to protect the regulator seat and makes service simple


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Pressure Reducing Regulators (SG3 Series) Catalogue

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