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Ultra-High Purity Positive Shutoff Regulator (DRA200 Series)-Drastar

DRA200 (tied type) series is the tied-diaphragm pressure reducing regulator designed to use for gas cabinet for manufacturing the ultra-high pure semi-conductor, special gas line, valve manifold boxes, other laboratory, etc. Tied-diaphragm type regulator connects the diaphragm and main valve together which prevents pressure loss and so maximizes safety of the regulator. Specially, this model is very useful to protect the diaphragm from toxic gas, ignition gas, high-corrosive gases, etc., and patent-applied locking plate system is adopted (patent no. 10-0753280), too. In order to prevent generation of impurities, it is washed in DI water and the internal surface is treated to the grade of E.P. 10 Ra and 5 Ra. All processes of assembly, welding, testing and washing of DRA200 series are carried out and thoroughly managed in the 100-class and 10-class clean room. DRASTAR regulators are designed and manufactured for easier operation by equipping with the DRASTAR’s own developed push and lock type handle which completely prevents the self-change of pre-set value which can be caused by the vibration from outside or minute vibration at the gas pipeline. You can prevent the self-changing of pre-set value just by pushing the handle and reset the value freely by drawing the handle. DRASTAR has created and applied patent for this push and lock system for DRASTAR regulators (patent number 10-1086199).


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Ultra-High Purity Positive Shutoff Regulator (DRA200 Series) Catalogue

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